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Our founders Kay and Sirius both lived in the countryside when they were children. Although they are not the same age, they are very happy to share their rural life together. Unlike the bright lights and busy traffic in the city, the night in the countryside is always very quiet.

At night, when you look up, you can always see the stars in the sky and the bright moon. What they miss most is the scene of falling asleep sweetly in the moonlight. Because most of our daily life belongs to work, we should choose a better night for ourselves. Let a comfortable sleep bring us physical and mental rest.

Rural life in childhood was simple and peaceful. There is no pressure of work and no control of desire. We are committed to a lifestyle that seeks balance. Just like our brand name, BeddingMoon, find a simple and pure life at night.


With us, you'll find the best bedding products at even better prices.


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B508 Wanli Business Park, 346 North Panyu Avenue , Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

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